Connecting families to each other

Meeting the basic needs of children is only part of the weight that foster parents carry. One of the most important, but often overlooked, goals of parenting children coming from hard places is for them to feel a sense of connection. And as caregivers work to meet the emotional needs of the children in their care, they need support of their own, whether it’s a night out or someone to call when they are feeling overwhelmed or lonely.

Our goal is to create opportunities for foster families – both the children and the parents – to connect with each other. By connecting foster families with other foster families, biological families and trusted resources, families are strengthened and empowered to continue fostering.

Events and Gatherings
Foster families are often navigating a complex system and challenges that are unique to fostering. They need to know they are not alone and need encouragement from others on the same journey they are on. We host monthly events and gatherings designed to love on foster families, give foster families avenues to connect with each other, and provide caregivers with expertise and knowledge for their journeys. Find out more about our regular events and gatherings here.