What is your greatest need?

Thank you for asking! The families served through Foster Village are completely funded by your donations. We do not receive any state funding, and the number of families served is utterly dependent on what donations allow. For example, a large percentage of requests, like car seats, beds and mattresses, must be purchased new for safety reasons. When you give, however big or small, these urgent needs can be met.  

Please visit the giving page to make an online donation or to become a Monthly Partner. 

Our business is interested in being a support to our local foster care community. What are some ways to do this?

We are so grateful for businesses like yours! There are several partnership opportunities to show your support for our community’s most vulnerable. Please fill out our contact form and a board member will be in touch. 

I have items I’d like to donate. What do you accept?

Thank you for thinking of Foster Village for your donations! At this time, we can only accept new donations of the basic necessities that we provide to children entering foster care (listed on our in-kind donations page and Amazon Wish List).

While we appreciate the desire to give outgrown items to a good cause, when we receive a mountain of donations to sort through, it can be overwhelming to our small team and limited space and counterproductive to our mission. Since we distribute such a high volume of beds and car seats, we only accept those new to ensure safety.


How do I make an in-kind donation?

To make an in-kind donation, please visit our In-Kind Donations page and fill out the form to request a drop off. A member of our team will review the items you would like to donate and be in touch to schedule a drop off time and location. Please note that we cannot accept unsolicited donations or drop offs.

We’d like to host a donation drive for new items. What are your most needed items?

Thank you so much! We keep an updated list of the items we are needing here, and we can provide you with promotional materials and lists that you can share. Please complete our contact form and someone will be in touch to chat about next steps!

I’m a foster parent in need of support. How can I get plugged in?

You are why we are here, and we look forward to supporting you! For more information about how we can serve you, fill out the Request Form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How do I volunteer?

We love our volunteers! They are what keep us running and help us connect foster families with the resources they need most. Please check out our current list of volunteer opportunities here. And if you have a special skill or expertise that you’d like to offer, please complete our contact form to provide us with details. 

Do you have any after-hours volunteer options?

Our small team works primarily Monday- Friday from 9am-5pm, so we do not generally have volunteer opportunities on-site outside of those hours. As an alternative, we can give you a list of items to collect for Encouragement Packs and/or Family Connection Packs to assemble and drop off at your convenience. 

We need a Foster Village in our city/town. How can we start one?

We are glad you asked! We have an affiliate program that allows those passionate about supporting foster families to replicate our model and materials in their city. To check out our current locations and application process here

I’m interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent. Where should I start?

A willingness to learn more is the best place to start! We recommend researching your local child placement agencies and attending orientations to get a feel for which agency is the best fit. Recommendations from current foster parents can also be very helpful. Many of our volunteers start with us as a way to get a better feel for what it’s like to be a foster family and later go on to get licensed, so volunteering is a great first step as well. 

Can someone from Foster Village come and speak at our school, church, small group, community group, etc.)?

Yes, we’d love to! Please complete our contact form and tell us a little about your event.